I am a licensed clinical social worker who provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups in my office in Norwell, MA.  I am a certified group psychotherapist as well as a certified addictions specialist.


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Karen Wischmeyer LICSW, CAS, CGP

I believe that all of us want to live our lives in a balanced way, to have deep and solid connections with others, to be able to exercise reasonable control over ourselves and to make responsible choices about our lives. Therapy is one way to be on this transformative journey.

People seek individual and group therapy to resolve issues like

  1. BulletSubstance abuse and other addictive disorders

  2. BulletCodependency

  3. BulletChildhood trauma

  4. BulletAdult child of alcoholics issues

  5. BulletDepression and Anxiety

  6. BulletRelationship/couple’s issues

  7. BulletParenting concerns

  8. BulletLife transitions

  9. BulletWork/career concerns

  10. BulletGrief and Loss

  11. Bullet“Feeling stuck”

     To explore these options contact me at

80 Washington Square F-32    Norwell, MA 02061

Suite 32 is on the 2nd floor - top of the stairs on the right

781-871-3834 x2